Elevate Humanity Through A Science-Backed Liquid Vitamin Formulation

Our mission is to "Elevate humanity through a science-backed liquid vitamin formulation". We take pride in formulating our products with high-quality ingredients that are easily recognizable and crafting flavors that delight your taste buds.

Our Core Values Not Only Say Who We Are, They Guide Everything We Do


The mission and the company are our priorities.

We put aside our personal agendas and our egos.
We are transparent at all times.

We encourage and invest in our team’s growth and education.

We will not compromise our culture for anything or anyone. It is sacred.

We only hire the best.

We demand the best from ourselves, which gives us permission to demand the best from those we lead.


We never stop reinventing ourselves and our business.We are risk-takers.
We constantly experiment and trial. There is no such thing as failure.
We either succeed or we learn something.We strive to create an inclusive & conscious environment.
We always think big, then we will think bigger.


Our higher purpose is improving the lives of others.

We understand that Elevatic success directly impacts the livelihood of all its community.

We embrace the opportunity to improve the lives of our community.

We will invest partial of our profits in specific charities and research , encourage and support employee volunteerism, and facilitate strategic partnerships that improve the lives of people across the world.


Value is realized when vision becomes reality.
Our strategic planning process touches everyone in the organization.
We will constantly strive to improve the safety, efficacy, and reliability of our products and services so that we “set the bar” for our industry. 
We are intensely focused on the operating plan and the individual metrics we are responsible for in order to meet or exceed objectives.

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Should I take Elevatic Vitamins with food?

You can take our vitamins with or without food, although, for best absorption we recommend taking with food.

Can I take Elevatic shots every day?

Our products may be taken daily. Our vitamins may all be included in your daily routine. For specific combinations of products, please reach out to us for further support!

Are Elevatic vitamins gluten-free

Yes they all are!

Are Elevatic Vitamins vegan?

No they are not. We are working on a full vegan bottle specific for our beloved vegan consumers.

Where are Elevatic Vitamins made?

Our product is proudly made in the US. Our facilities are located in Texas at a GMP certified manufacturer. 

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