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Men’s Multi-Vitamin

Men’s Multi-Vitamin

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Having energy and metabolism are key components of a healthy life for men.

Regular energy and metabolism help increase productivity and concentration while reducing fatigue and stress. Having balances levels of energy and metabolism can also improve overall health and quality of life. Additionally, having energy and metabolism can also help regulate and maintain healthy body weight.

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Take 2 tablespoons daily by itself or add it to your favorite drink in the morning to supercharge your day with our comprehensive nutrient blend.

A complete daily multivitamin specifically designed and formulated for Women. Combining over 110 ingredients with premium vitamins, minerals, herbs, and superfoods to help you give your body the nutrients it needs.

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Punch of vitamins

Mouthwatering flavor

Skip the swallow struggle and sip your way to supercharged health! Our liquid multivitamins are a delicious explosion of energy, immunity, minerals, herbs, and aminos, absorbed almost perfectly (98%!) to give you healthier skin, a natural glow, and an anti-aging boost.

Faster absorption, better results

Gentle on the stomach

Rich in natural ingredients

Liquid Multivitamins:

More nutrients per serving
Exceptional absorption rate, close to 98%
Full of active ingredients for comprehensive benefits
Simple to take, add it to a smoothie or drink
Kind to your stomach, reducing the chance of nausea


Fewer nutrients per serving
Modest absorption rate, around 10-20%
Focused on a few key ingredients
Often difficult and uncomfortable to swallow
Can lead to stomach upset for some individuals

Why we care

Our bodies can only absorb so much from what we consume, and most capsule/tablet supplements offer limited benefits. Switch to liquid multivitamins for exceptional absorption, approaching 98%.

How is It even possible?

2000+ Happy Customers Across USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best Men’s Multi Vitamin i’ve tried

By far the best Men’s Multivitamin i’ve taken. Tastes delicious, It’s much easier to take than a bunch of pills everyday. Highly recommend to anyone who is curious about trying Multivitamins.

Tastes Incredible

I've tried other liquid vitamins before and none of tasted like Elevatic! These vitamins taste great and i've been taking them for a few months now and see a huge increase in energy and have never felt better. Highly recommend!

John Alley
Great Product

This product changed my life


Not a chance! We're all about keeping things natural, so our liquid multivitamin is crafted with natural flavors and colors only.

Our liquid formula is designed for maximum absorption and ease of use, ensuring you get those vital nutrients in a convenient, easy-to-take form.

We're excited to announce that a travel-friendly size is on the way! Until then, you can take just what you need for your trip and keep it chilled – think of it as your little nutrient-packed travel buddy!

Each bottle is good for six whole months after opening, just as long as you keep it refrigerated. It's like having a fresh batch of health every time you open the fridge!

It's easy-peasy: measure out your dose and enjoy it straight or blended into your favorite drink. It's nutrition made simple!

You bet! Our gentle formula is perfect for those morning starts, but if you're a little sensitive, pairing it with a snack is just fine too.

Nope, our liquid multivitamin is pulp-free for a smooth texture. Just remember to give it a good shake before use to mix in the natural settling.

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